Barbieween: Light Up Your Halloween with Barbie Glamour

This Halloween, the traditional black-and-orange palette is taking a backseat, making way for hot pink! Barbie-inspired costumes are selling out, and social media is buzzing with advice on how to channel America's most famous doll. According to The National Retail Federation, Barbie is set to be the third-most-popular Halloween costume for adults, after witches and vampires, and it’s among the top 10 for kids. It’s a first since the NRF began surveying in 2004!

Americans are expected to spend a whopping $4.1 billion on their outfits, contributing to the record $12.2 billion expenditure on the holiday. Licensed costumes, off-brand duplicates, and DIY interpretations are all the rage. But why stop at costumes? Bring the Barbie vibe into your home with Vydko’s exclusive Barbie-style lighting!

Illuminate Your Space with Barbie-Style Lighting

At Vydko, we offer a range of chic and playful Barbie-style lighting options that add a touch of glamour to your room. With six products in stock and prices going up to $292.00, there’s something for every Barbie fan! These unique designs are not just about style; they are about illuminating your space with a modern, artistic light solution that diversifies your space.

Why Choose Vydko?

Vydko is your go-to destination for modern floor, wall, ceiling, and table lamps. We offer over 100 designs of modern lighting, including RGB, LED, neon, and neutral lights. Whether you are looking for something trendy or exclusive lighting guides for your home design, Vydko has got you covered.

Book a Vydko Consultation

Find the perfect lighting design for your space! Join our personalized consultation to explore how we can help you find the most suitable lighting and lamp design. Our expert consultants will discuss your specific requirements, present innovative lighting options, and guide you through customization possibilities. Book your consultation now and let Vydko illuminate your space with style and functionality.


This Halloween, embrace the Barbie trend not just with your costume but also with your home décor. Explore Vydko’s Barbie-style lighting collection and add a touch of glamour and playful elegance to your space. Don’t miss out; shop now for unique designs and illuminate your Halloween celebrations with Barbie-style lighting!

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