Neon Lights Glow Across The U.S. Again

Neon Lights Glow Across The U.S. Again

Neon light trend is on the rise in the USA. Neon signs are becoming more popular, with many businesses opting for neon lighting over traditional lighting.

Neon is commonly associated with tourist destinations and picturesque locations as it’s widely used to deliver a vibrant touch to attract more eyes. However, over the last year or so, it has been an integral part of room and interior designing of bloggers, gamers, digital content creators, influencers and many more people in digital. The reason is simple: neon lights are so easily coupled with other interior décor to set the desired vibe in a room.

Neon lights are also becoming popular for use in home decor. Neon lights have a retro appeal and can add a touch of glamour to any room. They can be used in any style of décor, from traditional to contemporary.

The demand and interest from consumers have surged massively. Neon-colored rooms are a major hit on Pinterest. In fact, neon lights are not only associated with dance clubs, bars or some dining locations. The difference with previous neon trends is that neon lighting has become a part of almost every type of interior design.

Make a Neon touch to your room

For a unique and dazzling addition to your home decor, consider installing some neon lights. From strings of lights to panels and even custom neon signs, there are various options available to suit your aesthetic and functional needs. If you want to go all out, you could buy a neon sign or install a custom neon sign installation. Whatever your preferred method of adding neon light trend to your home, there’s sure to be an option that fits your style and needs. 

Neon lighting is a rapidly growing trend in the decor sector, as Generation Z has developed a strong affinity for the concept. This has been further amplified by the rise of platforms like TikTok and Instagram, which have increased visibility and appreciation of neon LED lights and signs. Such luminous decorations add to the aesthetics of a variety of popular challenges featured by users on these social media channels.

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused an upswing in the neon light sector as individuals increasingly stay at home. People are seeking to create an uplifting atmosphere with neon lighting as a way to improve their mood and energize their environment. Neon LED signs have become a modern decorative feature in homes.

Vibrant & versatile

The demand for neon lights has risen significantly, with various companies providing a range of options to buyers. Brands such as Vydko offer reliable products, while different features and qualities of neon lights appeal to a growing customer base. Not only this, but the use of neon lights by celebrities and other influential figures at weddings and other events has made them a widely-sought after entity.

Vydko provides a selection of LED signs and lights of superior brightness and precision, enabling customers to share their interests, launch new themes and promote their businesses with confidence. With a focus on quality and excellent customer service, Vydko is the go-to destination for those looking for unique and reliable signage solutions.

This neon light manufacturer offers superior quality and value for money. Its 3-year warranty proves its commitment to providing long-lasting, reliable products, whilst its lower prices ensure customers get maximum value.

Experience the flair of neon lighting with Vydko's LED lights, boasting up to 80% energy efficiency compared to traditional neon gas tubes and a variety of design options for superior sustainability. This neon spectacle evokes a classic yet modern feel, setting a luxurious and sophisticated tone wherever it is placed. Vydko's LED lights and signs offer a sleek, exclusive design, perfect for any setting. Their energy-efficient, eco-friendly qualities add a refined touch that would light up any room or event.

A distinctive advertising solution

This LED neon light captures the attention of passers-by with its bold and vivid color, perfect for delivering your brand message to an engaged audience with sophistication and allure. Bringing an elevated level of style and with a vast selection of sizes, this product exudes a timeless yet fashionable sentiment.

This premium neon light collection brings classic vibes with a modern twist. From sleek neon lines to bold statements, it gives your space a unique, refined and luxurious look. Crafted with the highest quality materials, these lights will make a lasting impression on your interior design. Indulge in stylish sophistication with a timeless look that stands out.

This neon light will lend a sophisticated, modern flair to special events and occasions. Its classic design and quality craftsmanship will make a lasting impression, adding an element of exclusivity to whatever celebration you're planning. Instantly upgrade any venue with its luxurious glow and enjoy a truly unforgettable experience.

Bring a touch of modern chic to your interiors with Vydko's range of neon lighting solutions. Our products offer unparalleled versatility and a wide range of creative possibilities so you can craft your own vividly glowing story. Let your imagination run wild and light up your space with beautiful colors and exclusive designs. Make a truly sophisticated statement with Vydko's neon lights.

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