Beauty salons can benefit from the latest lighting technologies that can create the perfect ambiance for clients. Our selection of top-5 lighting solutions provide an enhanced experience with a broad selection of color combinations and adjustable brightness, making it easy to create the perfect atmosphere.


The LUNA sophisticated design lamp is the perfect addition to beauty salon. Crafted from sturdy metal, its three-legged base ensures strength and stability. Featuring a 360-degree rotating shade and energy-efficient light distribution system, LUNA provides efficient and sustainable lighting.

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ZEMMA is an elegant floor lamp made from high-quality metal, perfect for your beauty salon interior. With its asymmetrical and stable design, its matte shade provides harm-free, eye-friendly lighting. Add modern charm with this timeless piece.

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  • #TOP3 - ALPINA 

    ALPINA is designed with a metal base and energy-saving lamps for efficient light distribution. Its lightweight frame also makes it easy to move, while its minimalist design occupies very little space.

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  • #TOP4 - GLOMOO 

    The lamp's adjustable 350-degree lighting surface ensures optimal to light up a beauty salon, while its soft, non-flickering lighting creates a soothing atmosphere. It is easily controlled with a built-in button, remote control, or smart APP.

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  • #TOP5 - CORGA 

    Experience enhanced illumination and contemporary elegance in your beauty salon with CORGA. It has eye-comforting extended use and a stylish design. This arched lamp provides necessary functionality for any salon design.

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Alternative lighting desings for beauty salons